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NDP lacks presence


EDITOR: After observing for the past five years I can now see the New Democratic Party (NDP) lacks political presence. NDP is an arrogant party and is a poor communicator, typically of the NDP.

NDP knows about their emptiness and is unaware that their political hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty are mocked by right-thinking persons in SVG.

When you think about foreign policy the NDP has no knowledge about that.{{more}}

What about the sale of lands at $1.00 a square foot in Bequia when he was Sir James’ trusted fiscal adviser, when the land truly was worth more?

NDP is a political failure, the leaders have no leadership skills. By the way, not forgeting deputy Leader E.G. Lynch the chief propagandist trying to mislead the people of SVG.

Let us go forward independently with the Unity Labour Party.

Focusing on Housing

Education for all

Proper Health Care

Police Protection

A party for the Poor

God Bless Our Nation, and Happy Independence!

Mr. W. Scipio