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Why they hate Ralph


EDITOR: Dr Gonsalves has grown to be a very good politician.

He is responsible for the climate that exists here today when persons can speak for themselves on any issue.

When it comes to criticizing him, one has to be careful and remember he is Prime Minister. {{more}}

Some say he doesn’t like to be criticized but he said in Searchlight Newspaper that he doesn’t mind being criticized once it’s about the truth.

Do you feel the Prime Minister likes to be criticized?

There are many people who used to tell me “Give Ralph a chance!” If you listen to these same people today you will wonder why they hate Ralph, but I would like to know what is it that they hate about Ralph? Is it his party policy, his kind of leadership or do they just hate him as a human being?

They say he speaks on everything and on behalf of all of his Ministers yet when he left to address the United Nations Mr. Eustace said he should have stayed and dealt with NOBA, and he’s asking where is Minister Burgin? When you look at the Prime Minister in Parliament tell me if he is doing a good job or is there any room for improvement by him or is there any improvement for Mr. Eustace and his NDP? Everytime, on every and anything the PM speaks, it’s only criticism coming from Mr Lynch and J. Bacchus.

I do criticize him when I think there is need to.

I am only frankly speaking on things as I see them.

Kingsley DeFreitas