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FedEx US threatened me over $0.00 debt


EDITOR: I had an enlightening experience with an American business last week, downward enlightening mind you. You can enlighten downward if you learn something new. It was FedEx that enlightened me. Get this straight right away, not the local FedEx people. The best I know, what I am about to say is unknown to the staff in the branch here.

I had an account with FedEx but they cancelled it because I did not pay them their money. I got a letter that told me that they were suspending my account because I ignored their numerous demands for me to settle. I am unaware of the “numerous demands,” but that is neither here nor there in the scheme of things.{{more}} The letter went on a bit and ended by warning that they were going to get a debt collector to pursue collection if I did not settle within 30 days. They did not use “debt collector,” instead, they used “necessary steps.”

I do not want a bailiff or a debt collector coming ’round to bother me up, so I promptly sent them a cheque for the full amount. Don’t worry, it was a cheque drawn on an American bank. Not a Vincy cheque; I didn’t want to involve the local FedEx people. Yes, I have a US account because my wife looks after me real good; she has opened a bank account for me, tops it up when necessary – her moolah – and has given me several credit cards on her account, Visa, Avis, Sam’s, Home Depot, Sears, to name a few. I wanted to expedite the matter with FedEx and since I do not have an account with them any more, I sent FedEx their payment via DHL.

As I have said, I paid the exact amount, one time, on the statement they sent. My cheque was made out for $0.00 ECD. My account is now settled. It was the amount on the statement, the amount that I would not pay, and the amount they have been demanding me to pay, according to them. They were going to pay someone to collect that nought dollars. The letter and statement and the piece of paper was sent to me by a senior accounts rep; not a junior, a “senior” no less. I took the trouble to pay them because if the bailiff went back to them with the $0.00 ECD, someone might be thinking that the collector teef the nought dollars and nought cents, East Caribbean currency. Or perhaps they would say that I did not pay. Did not pay again. Did not pay, after yet, another demand. My credit rating has taken a blow because of some dunce person in the system. Dude, so be it.

Mus’ be she looks how the accountant get she work. On second thoughts, maybe I shoulda let them hire a debt collector but sending them a cheque for zero dollars, by DHL, was fun.

Patrick G Ferrari