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Sent For


A poem for the late Patrice Bascombe

Can someone tell me please is my friend really gone

No longer would I see the girl that never frowns

Can someone please tell me where can I find my friend

Is it that she was sent for, or is it that she was stolen.

Please anyone tell me quickly in which direction did she go

I have a question to answer, something she wanted to know

Indeed she was an angel, a gift to us from heaven sent

But was this angel of ours sent for, or was this angel stolen.{{more}}

A lady filled with class and style, a lady filled with fun

She will put a smile back on your face, when you are feeling down

Her memories will last forever, but we’ll see her smile no more

Still I need to know if she was stolen, or was she sent for

I remember at a gospel show we both were backstage standing

And though we were about to perform soon, she had me laughing

She disappeared just before my intro, and I made a comment then

Telling her that when she went missing, I thought she was stolen.

She looked at me replying to my statement immediately

Her reply I fell in love with, a reply I will cherish dearly

And it was a lovely phrase, one that I will forever remember

That she will never be stolen, but rather she would be sent for.

I believe that is the case, and God did send for her

She is with her father now, happier more than ever

and though my tears will flow, at the loss of a special friend

Becasue this friend was sent for, some day we will meet again

Poyer, Devron E