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What a waste of ink


EDITOR: Re: “Isn’t expression of Opinion their Right” by Patrick G. Ferrari (Searchlight Newspaper, 15/09/06), Isn’t expression of opinion also the right of Comrade? Doesn’t the Prime Minister have the right to respond to criticism directed at his government? And Patrick, doesn’t one have the right to forward, to anyone, a publicly circulated email? Seems it doesn’t take much to boggle your mind.{{more}}


Congratulations to Kamal Wood and the other six island scholars for 2006. And congratulations to the ULP government for using the opportunity to honour outstanding Vincentians after whom the scholarships are named. “Nuff” vision”.

Congratulations also to Sister Nelcia Robinson on her re-appointment to the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission. Her next appointment ought to be to the office of the Governor General. Sister Nelcia is an outstanding citizen who continues to contribute tremendously to the Caribbean and farther afield.

ULP on the move

Re: ULP retreats to come again (Vincentian Newspaper, 15/09/06): I am happy to see some of the decisions taken by the ULP at their recent retreat, particularly those with respect to: party re-organization, “refreshed” slate of candidates for the next elections and more accountability from representatives, to the people who elect them.

I hope immediate action will be taken to implement these actions. However, I am very disappointed that no decision was taken to re-launch the party organ and website; nor was there any mention of the party’s relationship to Vincentians in the Diaspora. I guess the announcements of these decisions escaped the journalists at the Press Conference.

Comrade PRO, was there any decision on holding public meetings throughout the country on a regular basis?

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.