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Cousin abused by supervisor


EDITOR: I am writing this letter on behalf of my cousin who works with government keeping the sidewalks within her town clean.

Every working day as my cousin performs her regular chore, she is verbally abused by her supervisor who is also a female.{{more}}

This has been going on for quite sometime now.

However, my cousin is not the only worker whom the female supervisor is verbally abusing.

I on many occasions had gone to conduct business at the town board office and I was astonished at the way this lady conducted herself in front of the town clerk and other workers.

To me it seems like this lady has no respect for authorities or her subordinates. I want the general public to learn what is going on with this supervisor.

This is a very serious problem which may get out of hand.

It also seems like there is nobody to discipline this supervisor.

My cousin and other workers cannot take it anymore.

I am calling on the Prime Minister to kindly do something so that peace would prevail among the town board workers in this town.

Ralph Loring