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Where will all the wastewater go?

Where will all the wastewater go?



EDITOR: Regarding the Buccament on the Bay

Project – where will all their wastewater go?

As far as I understand, the resort will use a chemically treated septic system and the wastewater from the septic tanks and the rest of the household water will be dispersed into the river. The same river where the locals fish tri-tri.{{more}}

If this development is getting hundreds of millions of dollars for its villas, why didn’t they invest in a proper water cleaning facility? Imagine the wastewater of 400-700 staff people and 1,000 guests and all of that dumped into the river. Will the bay at Buccament stay clean?

I support this development 100 per cent; it is great for St Vincent. But when the developer is making so much profit high demand could also be made. And what about the amount of electricity needed for this resort – is Vinlec preparing to extend its services?

Vincy Love