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Isn’t expression of opinion their right?



EDITOR: Now, for the first time, de Comrade is beginning to worry me. In a press conference the other day, he carried out a tirade against “A supermarket” that (supposedly) supported not the ULP. Eh? So what? Isn’t that their right? Isn’t that how the system works in a democracy? Free choice and all.

Then he carried on about how they (supposedly) gave financial help to not the ULP. As much as he might hate it, it is legal and their right. And the ULP would know that only too well!{{more}}

Then there was the matter of a personal opinion, expressed privately, via email, by a “daughter” of the supermarket family. Somehow, that email ended up on his desk. Isn’t expression of opinion their right? Isn’t that how the system works in a democracy? Freedom of expression and all.

If de Comrade thinks that I am going to get my knickers in a twist over someone’s private opinion, then he wrong. But I’ll get them in a twist, good and proper at that, when our personal and private mail end up on his desk.

He told us that the person that the email was sent gave it to the government. I find that hard to swallow. If that is so, it would mean that he betrayed his source and exposed a mole. Why would he go out of his way to bite the hand that feeds him? Who would want to give information to a person who would do that to you? No, de Comrade would not shoot himself in the foot. So the question remains; how did the peeping Tom Government get the email? Are we being wiretapped? Is it only one email one time? Now we boast, in public and over the radio, about intercepting private mail. Is that what we have come to? Must we close the curtains and turn down the lights? Is the ULP Big Brother?

The whole episode boggles my mind. The picture is as clear as it is simple. This is what we have: de Comrade is haranguing the supermarket group for supporting a political party of their choice. It was an outburst against the democratic process. He goes on to criticize one of the daughters who had the audacity to express an opinion. (In spite of it being expressed privately; behind closed doors.) Another strike against the democratic process. He not only tells us that he has a copy of the email but tells us the gist of what is in it. He tells us that what the daughter is saying is tantamount to what is going on there and then; that there are times when the government does not want to follow the democratic process! De Comrade has made the daughter’s observation as right as rain. Man yes, the whole thing boggles my mind. A few years ago, Ralph would not have walked into that trap – a trap of his own making too boot – and I wonder if he is losing it.