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Dr. Denzil Douglas’ position on gays must not be embraced



Editor: There would always be much debate concerning the gays and their rights. The Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, the Hon. Denzil Douglas’ call for the decriminalization of the gays may be politically correct and also sounds good from a humanitarian position, but his idea should never be embraced, but opposed vigorously.{{more}}

The scriptures in Romans 1:21 – 27 enlightens us from God’s perspective what causes this lifestyle. It is when men harden their heart against God and turn away from the creator and worship the creature, then God gives them up to a reprobate mind. Thus, no Christian or anyone should practice this form of lifestyle and no one should embrace it.

I am encouraged by the bold condemnation of this practice by the Bishop of the Windward Islands of the Anglican Church. Indeed his condemnation of such a lifestyle may cause him to loose some friends, but he will gain the respect of many.

Similarly, so I was encouraged few years ago, when the Hon. Selmon Walters openly condemned this practice.

His open condemnation was not politically correct, but spiritually correct. As we see, it did not cost him his seat. It is sad that he is the only politician who has been bold enough to condemn such an act. His condemnation was an unpopular one, even amongst his own cabinet.

I would like to encourage every Christian to condemn such an act and to love the gays and pray for them. After all they are humans too who are making a contribution to society.

Let us pray that we will never in this country decriminalize homosexuality. For if we do, then like Sodom and Gomorrah, we would become a history. We would cease to exist. Let us pray for the salvation of the gays and let us try to lead them to Jesus Christ. For only then can we truly save this nation from total condemnation?

Kennard King