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Teacher training – A must!


EDITOR: The move by our government to implement measures, guidelines, and regulations in the management of

child care centres in SVG today, brings a sigh of relief to the many young parents who now feel that they can safely leave their children in the hands of trained professionals and go to work.##:[more]##

This brings me to a recent experience of a summer school where I took my child, and after one week short of the summer school completion, found out that several children, including mine, underwent what we call today “corporal punishment”. To make matters worse, the said school is alleged to be run by an individual who is a full time employee elsewhere and has youths around high-school age carrying out her responsibilities.

I call on the Ministry of Education to seriously look into our Day-care Centres as much as they do in our public and private schools. This would certainly re-establish the notion of national education revolution which we so much preach about today.

Concerned Parent