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Raw Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


by The Ginja Reporter

It may seem to many like out and out nonsense crafted for humour. The truth is that far removed from the current and urgent issues of HIV/AIDS, globalisation, third world hunger, exploitation and environmental degradation, is a localised silent and unseen celebrated cause. Roughly 85 persons are involved. Their devotion is unrelenting and passionate.{{more}}

Colin’s Experience

Colin Alexander, the popular sportsman and licensed land surveyor and Bassy’s son, was between the ages of 19 and 31 one of the leading squash players in the Caribbean. So too was the renowned athlete Leroy “Fly” Edwards. Squash is a game which is played at a hectic pace. It calls not only for great physical agility and fitness but also for superb eye and body coordination. It is rarely possible to play at a high standard beyond 30 years of age. Both Colin and “Fly” retired around that age. But then!

The Life Water

Colin was introduced to ” Raw-unfiltered ORGANIC Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother”. Its properties were supposed to lead to renewal even transformation of the body. He began to drink it daily with stored rainwater from his house roof. After four months or so, Colin began to preach the virtues. He thereupon took up the daunting challenge of playing competitive squash at the ripe age of 45. His far younger opponents were often “shell shocked” by the power and endurance of his game. Selected to represent SVG at the recently held Commonwealth games in Australia, Colin’s performance belied his age. The many enquiries met with one answer ” My life water did it”. Now this ” Raw Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother is pure natural stuff which has been highly regarded throughout history. In 400 B.C. the great Hippocrates, father of medicine used it for its amazing cleansing, healing and energizing health qualities”

Colin’s Advertisement

Colin’s advertisement has inspired a huge band of middle-agers in search of physical enhancement. With missionary zeal his father Sebastian (an exemplar of health and fitness) is the leading advocate. His strong and muscular build is clear evidence of physical enhancement.

Other Converts

They range far and wide. My friend from Grenada Dr. Elliot McGuire (our equivalent of Rudy Boucher at ball games) makes his purchases here. Our celebrated Historian and educator Dr. Adrian Fraser (an impressive ball player at B.G.S.) is hooked. So too are Olin Jenkins Dennie (Mr. Evergreen), Carl Glasgow (the best all-round sportsman of his generation); the still erect, upright, upstanding Percival (Candy) Veira the C.E.O. of Singer and many more too numerous to mention (including me and Sherewood Thompson).

Not Available Presently

Because of over demand ” Bassy’s Life Water” is out of supply. Bonadie’s Supermarket, the provider, expects a big shipment shortly. By the way, it is rumoured that the wordsmith, whose forever flowing stream of ideas and information which has reached generations through “This week”, has ordered a dozen bottles. Best of luck to the good Doctor!


Your health status should always be determined by a qualified medical Doctor before you embark on any programme of exercise or take any substance which may have any effect on your health.