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National football coach must go!

National football coach must go!


EDITOR: I heard on the streets of Kingstown that the Under-20 youth team wasn’t ready while in fact it seems to me it’s the organisation who wasn’t ready.

Anyway, I must congratulate the Coach and the boys for such a performance away from home. As an observer, I passed through some of the training sessions in Campden Park and Kingstown.{{more}} As far as I saw, the coach Earl Samuel was working alone with no assistance. This makes the results even better; if he had assistance imagine what would have happened in St. Lucia.

The national coach Vranes Zoran, on the other hand, has a number of failures, most recently a 1-0 defeat against Antigua. The Antigua newspapers described the game as resembling a second division game.

Vranes is getting paid a hefty salary while our local coaches do not appear to be getting paid but this recent result by the Under-20s need to be looked at and our coaches should be paid some sort of money.

Vranes’ name is around town and some people are disappointed with his result / and his coaching ability. I think the federation must take a serious look because this guy is taking us for a joke.

I know for sure that there are better coaches in SVG than Vranes. I’ve been looking close at Vranes coaching and he never impressed me at all. He’s been doing the same thing over and over, even with the girls at Campden Park on Saturday morning against TnT in the World Cup.

In two years Vranes has produced few good results. Once Vranes is around, team SVG is going backwards, that’s the way we are going now.

Save our football and money. Vranes must GO.

For the interest of all football fans in SVG.

Soccer Fan