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Marriage Officers Licences sharing out like hot bread?


EDITOR: As I read the monthly Gazette, almost every month I see names of persons as Marriage officers.

I have some questions, I hope the right person or persons in authority can give the right answer.

• What is the qualification to get a licence?

• How old the person must be to obtain a licence?

• Should he or she be in charge of a denomination?{{more}}

• Is an examination given; is it a written one or oral?

• Does the person know anything about the Marriage Act on the laws of the State?

• How long is a Marriage Licence valid for?

• How many types of Licences are available?

• Should the person be able to read and write?

The reason I am asking these questions is because I was told that one gentleman who is a Marriage Officer can’t read. There are some who have a licence but they are not married. What advice can they give to persons who are hoping to get married? What about premarital counselling? It is said that experience is the greatest teacher. There are too many marriages that are in shambles at present because they were never built on a strong foundation, which is love and Jesus Christ.

There are too many divorces in this small State of St Vincent and the Grenadines. God doesn’t like divorce. Sometimes the person who applies for the licence or is recommended by the senior pastor, priest, or bishop, sometimes when the person obtains the licence, there is a falling out between the senior person in charge of that denomination. He or she goes and starts a new church, so there is a church split. Whenever that happens that person’s licence should be revoked because he is no longer a member of that denomination according to Laws of the State.

Most of the times when he or she leaves, there is hatred and malice between members of both sides, which is not healthy for the body of Christ. Not only that, but the new church leader will invite foreigners to come into the State to boost up their new thing. Sometimes these foreigners come in and create more problems.

Before these people come into our beautiful island there must be some kind of investigation. We do not want another Jim Jones situation in St Vincent.

What is the position of the Christian Council and the Evangelical Association about people coming under the disguise of religion? Is it because of plenty money?


A Concerned Citizen