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We need to conserve more energy in SVG


Editor: With the rate of energy cost in present day, small societies like ours need to start making plans for energy conservation. The price of energy has been constantly ascending over the years and is seriously having an impact on St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Investors and Builders should start making plans for energy saving. Installation of skylight ceilings, small windmill visors and solar energy panels must be taken into consideration. Such works can limit the cost on utility bills and in the long term be a major benefit.{{more}}

Consumers should be considerate about the appliances they purchase and our local electricity provider should get in swing with new technology and energy saving mechanisms. Even rain water can be collected to be used in toilets and washing vehicles. Stores and supermarkets can implement promotions where customers can bring back plastic bags and earn redeemable credits.

Nearby residents who work in Kingstown can start practicing cycling to work, now there’s a major raise in gas prices. Vincentians operate on a lot of conventional energy sources every day, developing new ways can save finance and lives. The answer for energy conservation is blowing in the wind, shining with the sun, growing in the trees and falling in the rain. “Plant a Tree!

Edson Ross