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Is Eustace looking for Burgin to cross the floor?


Editor: Something serious recently happened at VINLEC. Power outages for days. It now appears the terrible situation was avoidable.

For days, consumers were on various call-in shows expressing anger at VINLEC. No current to keep their chicken and other perishables refrigerated. But the Minister responsible for VINLEC remained dead silent. Not even a statement to smooth over things. So as obtains the world over, the Minister had to take the hit. All part of the accountability process in parliamentary democracies.{{more}}

“Fired”, “relieved”, “removed”… whatever, the Prime Minister moved swiftly to bring the crisis situation under control. And things are now back to Normal at VINLEC… except, the CEO and VINLEC Board must now undergo a shake up.

Now the Opposition Leader (EG Lynch’s echo) is in Clayton’s corner. He wants the PM to explain his decision to relieve Clayton Burgin of his VINLEC portfolio.

Watch out Linton (Lewis)!!!! Eustace is hoping for a floor-crossing in his effort to keep you out of Parliament and away from the NDP leadership.


My friend “Jumping Junior Bacchus” chided me on Shake up (on Wednesday) for calling NOBA leadership “Transportation Terrorists”.

Junior, don’t blame me. I am not pulling back my words. Speak with your omnibus drivers who made unreasonable demands and gave ultimatum in a very disrespectful manner. Tell them they cannot behave like Taliban and expect me to call them Mother Theresa.

I am just calling a spade a spade.

More time!!!!

T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.