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Public perception of VINLEC


Editor: I listened to the Prime Minister when he delivered his Ministerial Speech on St. Vincent Electricity Services (Vinlec) and strongly agree on most of what he said, but there are a few questions I would like him to answer for me: (1) When the ULP came to office and the entire management team of Vinlec was fired, what was the purpose? (2) Are you satisfied with Mr. Thornley Myers’ performance as CEO? (3) Who sets the policy for the functioning of the Board of Directors?{{more}}

After listening to you Mr. Prime Minister in parliament, I think you as Minister with responsibility for Vinlec should fire the entire Board of Directors! When you make your new appointments make sure persons whom you put to serve can serve.

I need to see more communication between the management and the Board of Directors. This is what I think is the public’s perception of Mr. Thornley Myers and his team at the St. Vincent Electricity Services. When Vinlec took control of this country’s lone power company, persons were hoping that they would usher in a new era, we expected accountability, reliable service, efficiency and professionalism, we are not getting that from Vinlec; the question is why? The current electricity crisis is exposing the shortcomings and weaknesses at the company. The company has failed miserably to interact with their consumers honestly and convincingly about the terrible power shortage. After all, this is the era for transparency, that’s what we were promised by the ULP Government. Surely it is apparent that a level of negligence and incompetence must have contributed to the current breakdown, but the company must have known the state of its equipment and their lifespan, and should have made proper arrangements so that serious problem would not have happened.

Prime Minister, before Glen left us he told me that you were planning to appoint someone as a Liaison Officer between Vinlec and the public; please Prime Minister give this some consideration. I believe that’s why there is lack of information coming towards the public. The person I recommend is Mr. Bernard Joseph.

The crisis at Vinlec is quite alarming and needs urgent attention, when you appointed yourself as Minister for Vinlec I was disappointed because the Hon. René Baptiste is being underutilized; she did a good job as Minister of Tourism, even the Opposition Leader thinks so; that’s why I think you should have given her Vinlec. You tried Minister Francis – he failed, you put Minister Burgin – Vinlec became a disaster, please try Hon. René Baptiste, I guarantee she will do an excellent job.

Prime Minister, why are you not showing any confidence in Minister Baptiste? Do you feel threatened by her? Vinlec, its management and the Board of Directors, needs someone like Hon. René Baptiste breathing down their necks, Prime Minister you don’t have the time because you have 95% of the other Ministries.

Thornley Myers, captain out… all out!

Kingsley DeFreitas