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Cricket World Cup 2007 is a showcase for entire Caribbean



EDITOR: The 2007 Cricket World Cup event will take place in the Caribbean. I listened to our local committee on World Cup Cricket, and what they are saying is that we are ready for the warm-up games.

From what I see at Arnos Vale, it seems that they will be ready, but I want to pose a few questions to the committee and the government.{{more}}

1. Security – Is our security system equipped and ready to handle emergency cases?
2. Accommodation – are they ready to deliver the quality service expected of them?
3. Travel – Are LIAT and Caribbean Star equipped to provide on-time air transport?

Sometime during the Carnival season there was a baggage problem in Barbados, which created a mess for persons who were coming to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They arrived here but their baggage was still in Barbados. If we have an industrial problem in the Caribbean can we deal with it and still function efficiently?

We have to make sure that every country in the Caribbean is ready and can cope with industrial problems as experienced by Barbados recently.

World Cup Cricket is a big show and is very important to the Caribbean. It is a time for us to promote and sell our countries and I’m hoping that we can make the best of it. No longer can we depend on sun and sea and we must do our best to make a good impression so that some of the persons who come will want to return, they will be our biggest advertisers.

I’m also hoping if and when Heads of Governments meet, that they make sure things are in place, we have too much to lose. If things are not sorted out as yet, we as Caribbean citizens have a big responsibility to make sure that things are put in place and that we sell our country the best way we know how.

I am suggesting to the Ministries of Tourism in the Caribbean to hold workshops so that persons who will be involved, directly or indirectly, know how important this is to all of us.

Come on Caribbean people, let’s put our heads together make this event a lasting impression. We will all benefit in the long run! I’m expecting nothing but the best from our hoteliers, Immigration Officers, Customs Officers, taxi drivers and everybody in general.

Kingsley DeFreitas