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The false and deadly religious root behind support for Israel


Editor: The Israeli-Lebanese horror has, and continues to make international headlines for over two weeks now, and shows no sign of abatement. For the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, they say, the Israeli have been wrecking havoc upon the Lebanese people. Civilians have been murdered and displaced. Factories, houses, government buildings and infrastructure have been blasted and totally destroyed.{{more}}

While many continue to suffer and die, the general behaviour of the international community (namely America), with their blatant pro-Israel attitude is appalling, disgusting and inhuman. In an interview on Fox News Channel on Friday, July 21, 2006, The US Ambassador to the UN, John R. Bolton, in supporting the Israeli murderous acts, spoke about “standing up for civilization and giving Israel a safe environment in which to live”. On that same day, the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice referred to Israel’s dealings as‚ “strategies Israel is using to protect herself”.

All of these pro-Israel elites have vowed to politically, morally and diplomatically support Israel because according to them, “Israel is exercising its legitimate right to self-defense”. When Israel destroys human lives, homes and communities, it is self-defense, but when they receive retribution it is called terrorism!

What about the general response of the “Christian” religious world (e.g. Evangelicals)? Just turn to Channel 26(TBN) and you will hear “Pray for the safety of Israel”, or even nearer home, on a religious weekly, T.V. program, and radio call-in programs, many echo their bolster for Israel claiming to stand on biblical grounds.

Yes, dear reader, the false, unbiblical religious concept pushed by the evangelical world and others, concerning Israel being God’s people, unconditionally, contributes to Israel’s proud, horrendous and unfair policies and actions, and America’s support, thereof. Consider the following statement made by a very influential televangelist Christian Zionist, John Hagee:

“We don’t honour Israel and the Jewish people for applause or approval; we do it because we have a Biblical mandate to bless God’s people and God smiles on the friends of the descendants of Abraham. In contrast, God will answer every act of anti-Semitism with harsh and final judgment. The quickest and most effective way to be on God’s side is to stand with the state of Israel and the Jewish people in their hour of need. We can begin by praying for the nation of Israel and supporting their right to hold Jerusalem in peace”. – Final Dawn Over Jerusalem – pg. 17, 20, 32.

Sadly, many evangelicals propagate the above erroneous theological concept preached by pastors and representatives, and dogmatically and ignorantly followed by lazy-spirited church-goers who do not take time to study the scriptures and rightly divide the word of truth (11 Tim. 2:15). Shame on you! Why do you so falsely represent the lovely, JUST character of the Saviour? Do you think God supports evil and injustice?

The God of true Christianity is not racist! In Him, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one IN CHRIST JESUS Gal.3:28, 29.

Do you think God favours, respects or blesses a particular group of people simply because they are physical Jewish descendants of Abraham? The flesh profiteth nothing and God is no respect of persons. “So then they which be of FAITH are blessed with faithful Abraham. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise”. Gal.3:9.

The above-quoted texts present God as He is: JUST – a God concerned with the salvation of all humanity (from all parts of the globe); Arabs, Jews, Blacks, Whites, Chinese/ Palestinians, Africans, Americans, Lebanese, Vincentians‚ everybody!

I wonder if people realize the terrible work they do in misrepresenting or painting God’s character as wicked and partial? How do you expect the Muslim to view Christianity and the God of Christianity? Additionally, it should be an eye-opener to know what the majority of Jews (who follow Talmudic Judaism) think about Christ and the Christian Religion. Contemplate the following by Rabbi Shraga Simmons: Jews do not accept Jesus as the Messiah because He did not fulfill the messianic prophecies and did not embody the qualifications of the Messiah. Why Don’t Jews believe in Jesus?

For almost 2,000 years Christian missionaries have been trying to convince the Jews to accept their belief, and for just as long, the Jews have resisted. Only a small number of Jews seem to be finding the teachings of Christianity very attractive. But the vast majority of Jews, however, still reject these teachings in the most emphatic terms.

In fact, Christianity, for a Jew is considered Idolatry!

And what about the State of Israel that was set up in 1948? Was God responsible?

In the years between the mid-16th century and the 19th century, five notable Jews, among a limited number of others, arrived at the revolutionary decision that the Jewish people need not wait for the Messiah, as prescribed in the biblical prophecies, but‚ was obliged to undertake the restoration of Zion by its own human efforts. In 1862, Moses Hess published his famous work‚ in which he called upon Jewish people to rebuild the Jewish state, so that they might be free to live their lives with socialist ideals, and in the process, avoid the pitfalls of assimilation, which led to a loss of identity and untold cases of conversion.

Do you still maintain that the Jews are God’s people, no matter what evils they commit? So what about the Palestinians and Lebanese who accept Christ? Do they belong to Satan? I end by echoing the words of Vincentian political analyst Renwick Rose: “Just as it is wrong for Hezbollah or Palestinian activists to kill Israeli civilians, so must it be wrong for Israel to brutally occupy Gaza, flagrantly invade Lebanon and subject the Lebanese population to more terror”.

Ann-Marie John.