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20/20 politicians


EDITOR: When I was much younger I dreamt of becoming a politician, but I knew when the time came I would have to be qualified, so I studied and became a qualified Electrician.

This country seems to be a two (2) party state – NDP lasted 17 years, and the ULP is in its second term and I think they might get a third term if history repeats itself. By that time there will be new faces, and I have 20 persons I want to put on notice, because I think they have a lot to offer now and in the future.{{more}} The 20 are: Jomo Thomas, Maxwell Haywood who works at the UN, Dr. Richard Cox, Zita Ballantyne, Aniesia Richards, Rachael Forde, Curtis King, Soboto Caesar, Camillo Gonsalves, Glen Beache, Fitz Bramble, Bert Francois, Patel Matthews, Bernard Hamilton and Kingsley DeFreitas.

My reason for coming up with these names is because I am paying special attention to them; I would like the readers of this article to tell me if these persons should be given serious consideration.

It’s time for us to start thinking about persons who can take this country forward by 2020. I am not suggesting in anyway that those politicians in the past did not do their best, but with the changing world, we have to start now. I hope these persons don’t get offended with me for mentioning their names because it’s all about country. I believe that when that time comes these persons will put country first. They are all professionals and have the time to make their presence felt, and the people of SVG will see that these persons could take this country forward and eventually become good politicians. Some already have a good start. They are: Minister Glen Beache, Senator Rochelle Forde and Camillo Gonsalves, who I guess will replace his father. He once said to me, “To be PM is a good job”. I’m suggesting he heard that from his father.

The electorate might say I am crazy, but one day they will say this writer has good foresight and all I am thinking about is my country. One thing I would like those persons I have mentioned to remember is don’t forget poor people, and do whatever it takes to make sure this country’s economy is a striving one.

I kept party politics out. No one can say I identified anyone as being political. To be continued!

Kingsley DeFreitas