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Public Interest in Parliament


EDITOR: The ULP as a political party has encouraged us the citizens of this country to pay special attention to Parliament, because that is where the poor people’s business is being dealt with.

I normally pay more attention to the question segment of Parliament; I think the NDP as opposition, should act as the people’s mouthpiece in Parliament. Some of the questions being asked by the NDP sometimes leave me wondering. But as weak as they might be, the ULP as Government should answer them.{{more}}

Sometime ago in Parliament, the Minister of Health was asked a question by Senator Cummings; I am still awaiting the answer. The House of Assembly’s rules say there should be no debate on questions and the Hon. Speaker said he didn’t have the authority to tell any member how to answer questions. I have a few questions for the Hon. Speaker.

1. Do you think the Rules on questioning should be changed in the interest of the public?

2. Should there be any debate on questions?

3. Do you, Mr. Speaker, think a comparison should be made when a question is being answered?

Our Prime Minister said sometime ago he will be paying special attention to the newly appointed Senators. Prime Minister, I am still waiting to hear what is your take on how they are performing their duties. In my opinion Senator Ford is trying her best, Senator Marks is still waiting and Senator Williams has not adjusted as yet. The ULP promised us good governance, transparency and accountability, Dr. Gonsalves, we are paying special attention.

The ULP as a political party promised us a lot when the merger between the Labour Party and the MNU was made. We the citizens, looking at the ULP, think they have fallen away from their promise. Everybody knows how I feel about the Hon. Rene Baptiste as a Parliamentarian; I think she has a lot to offer. Presently, she is the PRO of the ULP, but it seems as though communication between the party and the public is not the best. I am disappointed with her

performance as the PRO. Is there a problem?

What happened to the radio program “Feed Back” which was being broadcast on WE FM 99.9? Where is Lyndon George? He was the Research Officer for the Prime Minister in Parliament. Since Glenn Jackson left us things seem not to be the same. There is no doubt that Glenn was the lifeline of the ULP. Look around and tell me what’s wrong.

The Youth Arm, the Women’s Arm and the ULP, in general, need to do more in terms of communicating with the general public. Come on, Prime Minister, make it happen. It’s all advice.

Kingsley DeFreitas