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We need lifeguards at Salt Pond Beach


Editor: My heart goes out to the bereaved family of the late David Glynn who drown while swimming at the popular Salt Pond Beach. Nothing we say or do now will repair what has already happened, but as a born-again believer in God, we are certain that David is with his Saviour.

However, this brings me to the point I want to make. A few years ago, a family friend of mine lost their eldest son, who died in similar circumstances to David.{{more}}

It seems that almost every time there is a trip to the Salt Pond the sea is claiming a life. One should begin to think about the safety measures at our beaches (if there are any), and in particular at this dangerous beach at Salt Pond, which is claiming so many young lives.

Is the Salt Pond Beach really a safe place to swim? Is there some sort of under-current unlike other beaches that is a hazard for beachgoers at the Salt Pond? Do we have lifeguards, and notices at the beaches, in particular the Salt Pond, to warn people and keep them in a safe zone? Perhaps we need to take notice of the repeated occurrences at the Salt Pond.

Yes, there can be freak accidents at any beach, but prevention is better than cure. I am appealing to all beach comers to be responsible this summer vacation, as you frequently visit the beaches. Parents look after your children, if you cannot swim, hang out at a safe zone, preferably on the beachhead where your life will not be threatened.

Major Kervin C. Harry

Regional Commander, The Salvation Army, Suriname