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Carnival Committee and its way forward


EDITOR: Carnival 2006 was relatively good, some of the components that stood out were Miss SVG, the Miss Carival show, Calypso, Mas and the discipline of the patrons who sat and waited patiently for the start of the shows that did not start on time.

Some areas where the CDC needs to improve on are: Time factor and length of shows; a better Monday Jam, fewer delegates participating in the Miss Carival, seven calypsonians for the calypso finals and more “efficient” coordinating of shows.{{more}}

I think the Chairman of CDC means well, he is trying his best; but where do the ideas to run the CDC comes from? Is it from the Chairman, or the Executive Officer?

Some persons are saying the Minister of Culture René Baptiste is too involved. I don’t agree, but the Minister needs to look at the CDC and tell us if she is satisfied with its performance; after all when everything is done she will be held responsible.

Carnival is very important to the development of this country and we have to build on it, so I’m hoping that the Minister of Culture takes the necessary steps to ensure that Carnival remains alive. If there are any changes to be made please make them. Some people might not agree with you, but will do what has to be done. If you need any help, let me know.

Minister, I want to know who came up with the carnival slogans for the last few years? What about the financial report from the CDC in recent times? Should the government continue to invest in Carnival and should we privatize some of the shows?

I noticed Luke is showing interest but he needs to play more calypsos on his radio station.

PROMOTION! – We need to do more to promote our Carnival, so when you make the new changes let them know that promotion must be top priority on the Carnival agenda.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the Miss SVG 2006, Miss Carival 2006, Calypso Monarch, Soca Monarch and the No Bottle Policy – ALL WINNERS FOR 2006!

Good luck to the CDC Chairman and all the best for Vincy Mas 2007.

Kingsley DeFreitas