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Kaiso injustice



EDITOR: After being a Kaiso supporter for over 20-years, in which I’ve seen all the good and bad in the art form, I must comment on what I think is the worst injustice that has ever been done.

It is always noted that the judges’ decision is final but the time now is right to question the morality of their individual guidelines.{{more}} How could Dennis Bowman not be picked? This young artist represents the future of the art form, with two calypsoes of original melodies and positive lyrics highlighting the plight of business in SVG. Needless to say his delivery on the night was absolutely outstanding, notwithstanding the fact that he never rehearsed with the band. I am fed up listening to the same old recycled or borrowed melodies with updated lyrics from these so called ‘veterans’ of the business where the Dimarche Gras has become the most boring show on the carnival calendar.

When I go to the tent shows where you can not only count the patrons but usually know them by name, these judges are not there to know what’s really happening to the art form so they have no idea as to what’s needed to take it forward. It’s a poor night when ORIGINALITY and MELODY refers to lyrics that have been sung over and over again for 15 years and the judges still see them as being new.

It’s a sorry time for the art form that has just gotten even worse.

A lost supporter