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Is PM questioning E.T. Joshua’s management?



Editor: Some time ago I wrote an article on the airport and I am wondering if Prime Minister Gonsalves, Minister of everything, paid any attention to it, because things at the E.T. Joshua Airport seem not to be improving. I mentioned things like maintenance, security, lighting, parking, and persons who work and don’t wear their ID cards, etc. These are all simple things that need urgent attention. Why aren’t these things being looked after? I would like to know.{{more}}

Prime Minister, did I hear you in your last press conference questioning the airport management ability? Prime Minister, is it true you are binging a new management team? Have you lost your confidence in Mr. Jack, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Edwards as a management team? Prime Minister, this is not like you as you always say how you feel on these small things. Don’t forget you said and I quote “get the small things right”. I am hoping when your new management is in place, things will start happening.

Prime Minister, I think Mr. Jack means well, but I am wondering if he has the support from the rest of the management team and the other workers at the E.T. Joshua Airport. Is the broken glass door at the exit of the arrival area, which has been there for quite some time, a reflection of the airport management? Is there friction within the management team?

Prime Minister, I made it clear that I support you with the proposed International Airport at Argyle but in the mean time the E.T. Joshua Airport needs some urgent repairs, make it happen as soon as possible.

Sir Vincent Beache who was the person with responsibility for airport promised us that he would take care of the existing problems, but nothing has been done up to this present time. Don’t disappoint us like Sir Vincent, airport and its development are important to the tourism industry, that’s why we the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines support you with your international airport at Argyle.

Mr. Eustace said you should not have gone to Taiwan because they have political problems there. Nevertheless, you came back with money for airport development and for that I support you Prime Minister.

All the best in your endeavours to give us an international airport.

Kingsley DeFreitas