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Report on sexual abuse of young girls disturbing


Editor: One reads with sadness in last weekend searchlight newspaper the report by Dr. Datta concerning the high rate of sexual abuse of young girls. It is indeed sad to know that girls in their early teens and younger have become pregnant, for older men.

We ask ourselves the question, what has become of our nation? Have we lost our respect for females, ourselves, our children and God?{{more}}

Ladies and gentlemen, in most cases the victims of these crimes, especially incest and rape suffer emotional pain for the rest of their lives. Many have suffered depression. Some have become too weak to put up a resistance against sexual advances by men (in the case of incest). Some carry a lifetime of guilt and low self-esteem. They consider themselves to be worthless and of little value. Others may be withdrawn and find it hard to relate to their husbands sexually and thus cause conflict in the marriage.

Thankfully there are a few who were able to overcome those childhood experiences and moved on to live very productive lives.

Incest has been in our midst us for years and the figures continue to rise. It is hurtful to know that these crimes, of not only incest but also rape, have remained undercover. Kept secret by many mothers just for financial purposes. However, money cannot erase the pain and trauma that those poor young ladies will have to endure for the rest of their lives.

It is hurtful and frightening when mothers force their daughters into these situations, just for financial gain or for fear of losing the man. Indeed our nation is sick.

It is my hope that mothers will wake and stand up for their daughters and that fathers be there for their children. Most importantly, that this nation will see the value of trusting Christ as their Lord and Saviour for only He can heal the hurt and remove the pain and cause our men to live godly lives.

It is my prayer that these cases be not hidden, but be brought to the open and that the guilty ones be dealt with severely. I hope too that confidentiality will be exercised by the authorities when these cases are reported, or else many will remain fearful to do so.

Kennard King