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Are we living in the last days?



EDITOR: There is no doubt that we are living in the last days, when men shall depart from the faith and give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of the devil (1 Timothy 4:1). Also Satan comes no longer as roaring lion, but as an angel of light. This DaVinci Code is indeed testimony and fulfillment of the above mentioned.

The DaVinci Code which has sold over 40 million copies is but an attempt by Satan and his false teachers to belittle the person of Jesus Christ and to make Christianity appear false. It has caused confusion in many minds.{{more}}

Ladies and Gentlemen, the DaVinci code denies the Trinity of Christ when there are many scriptures that support the Trinity. The word Trinity is not found in the Bible, but the scriptures tells of the three being one, (Genesis 1 and St.John 1). There are many other scriptures.

To say that Jesus Christ had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene is blasphemous and should be not be entertained. There is no evidence in the Bible of such a statement. Of course he is trying to make the Bible false. Such statement belittles the Lord Jesus Christ and places Him on the same level with us. Well, my Jesus Christ that I know is the Saviour of the World. He had no sin, and He knew no sin. He did not have a sinful nature like us and so had no sexual desires.

To claim that there were 80 Gnostic gospels and Constantine selected four is indeed baseless. It is making the Bible false and not worthy to be read, because it is not accurate. It has errors. That there are more things omitted from the Bible and it is not divinely inspired.

The Word of God is divinely inspired. (2 Timothy 3:16). The authors who wrote the Old Testament never met the authors of the New Testament, yet the words correspond and many of the things in the New Testament are a fulfillment of the Old Testament.

Ladies and Gentlemen, DaVinci Code is but a reminder to us to study the Word of God and a reminder that we are close to the end of the church age.

It is therefore important for us to recognize the subtlety of Satan and be closer to our blessed Saviour.

The Lord Jesus Christ is above principalities and powers. Our faith in the Lord is worth defending. May God help us as a nation not to be led astray, but to know the Saviour and read and believe the Word of God.

Kennard King