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Welcome to Argyle International Airport



Editor: Have you ever wondered what your first flight into Argyle International Airport would be like? Allow me to dream for a bit. First of all, I guess I would need an airline ticket, wouldn’t I? I wonder if I should call up the airline directly or if I should go through an online booking service? The airlines do offer specials to Barbados sometimes that you can’t find anywhere else. I’m not even going to bother to see if it’s cheaper into St. Lucia or Grenada, then hop over on LIAT. I’ve tried this route before and the price has always been 25 percent to 50 percent more than flying into Bim, not to mention the very few choices for the days that I wanted to fly, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed here. {{more}}I know AA for sure often has specials going into Barbados. Just this week, there were two specials from JFK and Miami for US$299 and US$289, respectively, into Bim while there were none to St. Lucia or Grenada. Let’s see what I can find to SVG. After all, this is my first flight and there ought to be some sort of special deal by the airline to a new destination.

You know, I’m not only concerned about the price, I’m also trying to avoid the “stop and stop”. Coming all the way from “up north”, I sometimes wish that the planes would land me right at my doorstep with my entire luggage. I just want to get on a plane and get off at my final destination, but I guess they don’t operate that way. After all, these are jumbo jets and they are not going to make a long international run unless the deal is right. Boy I sure hope that there are enough people booking this flight because I would hate for them to have to cancel my flight. Anyway, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. There ought to be a lot of people flying to sweet little SVG to fill this one plane. If not, I’ll just shop around a little more.

There ought to be more airline choices. I mean, I’ve been on LIAT before with just five of us, but I’m quite sure the others just missed the flight.

I know that part of our country gets “slapped off” all the time by the Atlantic, especially during the hurricane season, so should I wonder about the weather? These are huge jets. What can a little Atlantic wind do to these mega machines? Come on, the experts designed this thing, so what am I concerned about. Boy, I hope the runway doesn’t flood either. Okay, let me calm down. I’m sure they took all of this into consideration. We all get nervous at times. Maybe if I didn’t know where it was, I’d be much calmer.

Well, I guess all is set for my flight. I have my ticket in hand. I think my luggage is all on board and I hope all those people checking in are joining me to Argyle International. Please wake me up when the pilot says, “Welcome to Argyle International Airport.” Thank you.