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Christians and carnival



Editor: Carnival, which is widely regarded as culture, is loved and participated by many, including Christians. But should a Christian be involved in carnival?

We have had over the years many young ladies who claim to be Christians becoming carnival queen contestants.{{more}}

Besides that there are many of our Christian young people attending shows and even some Christians carry their children to watch carnival.

We might argue that it is culture. But look at it this way, when we have become a Christian, the Lord Jesus lives in our heart in the form of the Holy Spirit. So wherever we go we take the Lord with us. Imagine being on stage as a queen contestant and posing in evening wear and the Lord watching you. The question is, would those same persons dress in that way in the Lord’s presence?

Well He is always there, observing and being a witness to their display.

When Christians support carnival are they not supporting the promotion of sexual looseness? After all, carnival is a time when looseness is rampant and there is a lack of control by many. To support carnival is to agree with these things.

The church has a responsibility to educate and pray for our young people concerning carnival. After all we Christians have to lead the way, not the politicians. We have to glorify GOD with our bodies and lives and so make an impact on this nation and direct the hearts of men toward Jesus Christ and righteousness.

Kennard King