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A Tribute to Glenn


by Josiah Bobb   5.MAY.06

Jackson my brother what have you done?
They cut you down by the bullet of a gun
Jackson, my brother, they set your sun
But why so young your kingdom come
The nation remembers you all the time.

Man of all seasons thou gifted one
They silence you but who is the one
The phantom strike in the dark of night
Then quickly vanish out of sight
We’re now left with a big, big void
While the killer smile at the devil’s side.

Cain slew Abel because of jealousy
You were slain in cold-blooded brutality
We know not the nature for such a hideous crime
There goes another great son of the soil
Farewell my brother, R.I.P and as you sleep
Somewhere in the great beyond we’ll meet.

Your sweet voice and laughter missing in radio land
Here and in the diaspora you were a big fan
Near and far across the Internet S.V.G gifted asset
Now you’re gone what a regret
We’ll remember you as one of the best
You set high standards way above the rest.

You were a man of great creativity
Scanning your brain for all ah we
Xmas carolling, clash of the bands, I name just two
Now we been deprived of someone like you
The greatest motivator S.V.G have seen
Replacing you may be just a dream.

Jackson my brother your memory lives on
Even though you are gone
You tried to uphold democracy
And keep open the window of transparency
In so many ways you’ve excelled
I pray your tragic death time will reveal.

Until that time we meet again
I hope your family is able to bear the pain
And as we bow our heads in shame
Radio land will never be the same again
We all miss you Glenn, you were God-send
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, my friend.

At WE FM you were head of the team
Yo know what ah mean?