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Don’t Confuse Pedophilia with Homosexuality


Editor: I observe with interest the gradual opening of public discussion on the subject of homosexuality and, as usual, I welcome the unmasking of any social issue that is generally considered taboo. However, I am greatly concerned at what seems to be an effort to link homosexuality to pedophilia. I know this is a common tendency among people who probably have not fully thought about either subject.

By all means, let’s have a public debate on homosexuality. Let us also pull back the veil on that most insidious, destructive and rampant problem of pedophilia. But please, let us not confuse the two issues.

In the simplest terms, homosexuality generally involves an act of sex/love between consenting adults of the same gender; pedophilia involves an act of violence perpetrated against a child. {{more}} Pedophilia, like murder, rape or any other form of violence, is not limited to or more prevalent among any group of a particular sexual orientation, though I would venture to suggest that in our society the overwhelming majority of pedophiles would identify as heterosexual.

Please note that at this point I’m not coming down on one side or another of the debate on homosexuality. I’m simply pointing out that it is an issue distinct from pedophilia.

Peggy Carr