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Bring an end to Hair Trimming


Editor: There were times when the Rastafarian community took to the streets like a tidal wave, shouting slogans at those who had perpetually gagged, victimized, oppressed, brutalized and exploited them. {{more}} In those days, “Comrade”, you were the Opposition Leader and now today you are the ruler of I and I country and we, the people of this society, acknowledge that between the two forms of law that govern our society, which is the law of and for the struggling poor people on one hand and the law of and for the big shot society people on the other, I and I would like to remind you that the justice you are called upon to render is supposed to be inspired by democratic principles. If so, Mr. Prime Minister, let democracy prevail and bring an end to the “hair trimming” of members of the Rastafarian community on conviction. The existence of discriminatory practice should be a matter of deep concern to you on your agenda of nation building.

“Comrade”, I and I am calling on you as head of this country to intensify your efforts to ensure the total elimination of this barbaric act which is still being perpetrated upon the Rastafarian community under your leadership.

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