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Johnny Wimbrey -The Real Story


Dear Editor: Allow me to respond to a letter that appeared in your newspaper titled -“Beware of a new wave of pyramid schemes”. The writer, who did not submit his/her name, obviously did not understand, or totally misconstrued what this historic event was all about. {{more}}

Those who did heard a call to attendees at the event, our youth and the nation to change negative, dependent mind-sets and to approach life and opportunities with a positivism, that would inevitably lead to success. I am referring to the motivational Seminar with Johnny Wimbrey on Saturday February 25th.

The event was promoted as a seminar on personal development and service excellence that would help one reach one’s full potential. The whole aim of the seminar (and this was communicated to the Employers) was that of changing mindsets one person at a time. Mr. Wimbrey spoke for a full One & half hours on this, more than he was paid to, following which he asked the audience to take a 10 minute break after which he was going to introduce a new marketing opportunity to those willing to stay. Mr. Wimbrey gave permission to anyone not interested in it to leave. Apparently the demotivated writer decided to stay and listen for more.

As organizers, we had planned a more pronounced transition between the motivational talk and the business segment, and will be so advised for future similar events. However, as “demotivated” noted, many persons were interested and no doubt saw this aspect of Mr. Wimbrey’s presentation as a powerful message and not simply a talk shop, but opportunity for life-changing action. The opportunity did involve network marketing, which is not necessarily meant to be for everyone.

It appears the writer expected to be spoon fed with principles and techniques of motivation to achieve development and service excellence. It would seem that Wimbrey’s message (one and a half hours of motivational talk) was so simple that most unfortunately “demotivated” just never got it.

Johnny Wimbrey normally speaks for much more than we in St.Vincent paid him. He travels all over the world spreading the message of taking responsibility for your life. Those who bought his books and CD series can attest to that.

As for the network marketing opportunity, we ask the writer to stop trying to sow the seeds of doubt and fear in the Vincentian population. Network marketing is not a scheme. It is the way business is done in many countries and it is the future of marketing. In this program everybody earns and learns from everybody through team effort and that is priceless. Before you pre-judge and condemn, please do your research.

Success University is the first humanitarian program we have ever seen. It offers an opportunity for people to study leadership skills, communication skills, spiritual growth, speaking skills, finance management (including how to get out of debt), sales & marketing, speed reading, healthy living, improving memory and much more through hundreds of short online courses for less than $5 EC a day. Membership can be cancelled at any time. The attractive part is that the company does not advertise. They reward their students for enrolling others by paying commissions. Furthermore, for all the nay-sayers a donation of $2US($5EC) will allow you to get a FREE 14 day trial so that you can judge first hand what the benefits are. The $2 is donated to the charity program called ‘feed the children,’ and to date Success University has fed thousands of children through this humanitarian venture. I challenge you to go to the website. The address is


You will never be able to say one bad thing about it. This is a program that puts the Doctor and the Gardener on the same footing. The worst thing that can happen to you in Success University is that you get an education. Is this something that you do not want Vincentians to enjoy? If more money is circulating in the economy legally, is that a sin?

Please send me your name and contact details so that we can discuss this further. We would not wish you to decry whoever may be our next speaker for trying to show us new opportunities that allow us to be competitive in the Caribbean Single Market.

So I say this to the Vincentian population and quote from Johnny Wimbrey: “Do not allow other people’s mentality to dictate your reality”; “One thing about me is that I fall, but I don’t stay down …. I haven’t arrived yet. Neither have you. The question is, are you on your way?” “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first and since repetition is the mother of all skills, we will get it right one day.” Let us all think and win big.

Dr Kenneth Onu

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