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Break us free from shackles of slavery


EDITOR: We are into Black History Month which ties into the struggle, hardship, exploitation and disrespect our fore parents had to endure from those heartless slave masters on those plantations.

Someone may say those days are gone, but history is like sand, sea, heart and mind. Do you wish to separate them? It is like a mirror and a searchlight.{{more}}

Surprise to say: there still exist a number of slave masters. One thing missing is the whip, which is replaced by mental slavery.

Even though we have come a long way, there still exist many systems in our country which are designed to keep us in slavery. For us as a black nation to make this historic occasion more remarkable we must first abandon those systems.

Firstly, you as a worker working for ‘x’ amount of years decided to resign, you are not entitled to severance pay. Secondly in order to receive three weeks pay you must be working for ten years and not five years.

Too long, and for so many years the labour laws have been designed as a slave master. There is little or sometimes no justice for the employee. In most cases the ruling is in favour of the employer.

Without the employee, there is no employer and vice versa. The success of any business is based on the contribution of the employee. A reminder to all employers – respect is not demanded, it is earned. Too often workers are disrespected and being treated as insignificant.

There should be a balance in the justice system as far as the employee and employer are concerned.

Our Prime Minister appears to be a man who will defend the causes of justice and also love to create history. I am calling on him to create this long overdue history.

Please revise the labour laws.

Augustus Belgrave