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The nut behind the wheel…


Editor: Although I totally agree with the writer who says that breathalyzers are overdue in St Vincent and the Grenadines, and the fact that seatbelts are an absolute must, I think we need to look at the NUT BEHIND THE WHEEL. Some of the driving is absolutely awful and dangerous beyond words.

I have only lived on this beautiful island briefly, but come on, you can’t keep blaming drunk driving or the lack of seat belts on the appalling number of killer accidents.{{more}}

Some of the drivers on Vincentian roads should NOT be driving. Unfortunately, these poor drivers are often to be seen driving the buses and mini vans.

I beg of all customers using these vehicles to complain of speeding, poor driving or rudeness firstly by asking the driver to stop and let you out of the vehicle. Secondly, take the number of the vehicle and complain to the police.

Eventually, if enough people complain about these dangerous drivers they will have their licences removed. Of course this also goes for the other road users, if you see dangerous behaviours on the road report it.

Maybe the police could set up a special line for complaints of dangerous driving. Something has to be done. People are dying and it could be me, you, your family, or friends. We are all at risk every time we get into our vehicle and go on what we consider a small errand. It could be the last thing we ever do.

Kate Smith