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Why no coverage for Rose Bank?


EDITOR: Rose Bank Village has won the recently held “Light Up” competition.

However, I am disappointed with the lack of respect shown to Rose Bank by the media (both printed and electronic). It is somewhat puzzling why for this year’s winner there was no picture shown in the newspapers as was done in previous years. It is indeed cause for inquiry.{{more}}

Rose Bank over the years has always been in the top four since taking part in the competition. It is unfortunate that negative remarks were made concerning us winning the competition. It was talent and creativity at their best. The designs were not artificial or copied. We truly deserved our win.

Rose Bank shall always remain a force to reckon with. We are a talented people and must not be taken lightly. From amongst us have come many brilliant sons and daughters.

Hats off to Rose Bank and keep the good work going.

Kennard King