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Why I did not vote


Dear Comrade: I am a supporter and card carrying member of the ULP, but I DID NOT VOTE on December 7th.

I am sure there must be a few hundred like me who in some way felt aggrieved but who would not vote for the NDP.{{more}}

I DID NOT VOTE because I don’t believe that if I wish to fly to Canouan, I should catch the ferry to Kingstown ($15), then a taxi ($20?) to the ET Joshua airport in order to do so. And the cost of the ticket is too high!

I DID NOT VOTE because it seems the JF Mitchell airport and the people who work there (ATC staff) have been condemned to rot. Everything gets broken, nothing gets fixed (and that’s just a slight exaggeration). I work there, and the condition of the facility must obviously affect me and the way I perform my duties. Case in point: the air conditioning unit in the Control Tower has been down since November 2004.

There are no windows to open for ventilation and when it rains the door has to be closed to prevent the equipment inside getting wet. It gets rather stuffy in there. Working here should not be a life sentence without the possibility of promotion or transfer but that’s how it feels.

It’s LABOUR NOW, but the neglect started long before a certain Honourable Gentleman got the bright idea that we needed a KINDER, GENTLER SOCIETY, so DOH FEEL BAD! By the way, wah da mean? Aren’t Vincentians already a warm, friendly people?

I DID NOT VOTE because in August, 2001, I was asked to assume the duties of manager of the JF Mitchell airport and to date, have not been paid one green penny for doing so. Not even a KIND, GENTLE thank you! During that time however (three years, two months), the person appointed as manager retained his post and full salary while I did the work. I performed my duties as an Air Traffic Controller, the manager’s, and sometimes that of any other Controller who reported sick. The manager’s salary is about $530 more than mine.

I DID NOT VOTE because in 2003 and again in 2004 I applied for a senior post in the department and am yet to get an acknowledgement that my application was even received. I know it was. The post is still vacant.

I DID NOT VOTE to maintain the status quo when I voted in 2001. I voted for change then. I DID NOT VOTE in 2005 because doing so would have been an endorsement of the indifferent attitude of those who could effect change but did not.

Sorry, Comrade Belmar.

Rayson Duncan