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Stop the pettiness about cheating!


Editor: Congratulations are extended to all the successful candidates in the recently held general elections. A special congratulation is extended to the Unity Labour Party (ULP) for winning, although with a reduced majority in terms of the popular votes.

We are reminded that the Bible says that Kings are appointed and brought down by God. Therefore, the results are to be accepted since it is God who has appointed this present party to win. It is also God who has chosen Arnhim Eustace to be re-elected although many on the ULP side would have like to see him lose.{{more}}

To refuse to accept the result is indeed immature and un-Christian.

The closeness of the win in some constituencies is a reflection of how the people view, their

representatives performance. It is therefore in the interest of the constituents and the representatives to pay closer attention to their constituents and to learn from the results of this election.

The losing candidates must also be complimented for their efforts and hard fought campaigns. In the end St.Vincent and the Grenadines will benefit. So let us work together as one people and stop the pettiness about cheating.

Thank you very much.

Kennard King