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Frank, Ah Sorry!


EDITOR: A member of my family is of the view that I should apologize to my brother for saying that HE IS NOT AS GOOD A HUMAN BEING AS DOCTOR RALPH GONSALVES. So to repair the damage done to the Cyrus, Pompey and Wyllie family union I will not hesitate.

Frank, I wanted to call you to say that AH SORRY but I am very afraid that you might tape me, and one week, one month or one year from today, I might hear my apology on the radio so I say to meself ah better me come see you but when you see me you might get vex and abuse me physically. {{more}}So ah say ah go write yo but when ah done write the apology ah realize ah don’t have a postal address so the only alternative was to put the thing in the newspaper.

Me brother, ah so sorry that I didn’t call yo on the radio before, may be less tapes would ah play and more people would ah feel comfortable to pick up their phones and call yo but at the moment the whole ah St. Vincent and the Grenadines is AFRAID to do so. The kind ah names they calling yo now would have been avoided. I really does feel bad when they call yo dumb.

To be honest, me brother, ah sorry ah did not get the opportunity to tell you more for two reasons: (1) yo love to criticize so yo should not be offended when people criticize yo and (2) if the Prime Minister of this country had placed such confidence in yo as a friend to engage in such confidential discussions, you should have cherished the relationship as you cherish a lady. You know the relationship would have bear fruits.

Yes, big brother, ah sorry that yo judgement as to the outcome of the general election was so poor. At least you have a history of making bad calculations. Just another one.

Please, Frank, call – OOPS! Go to the Comrade and say sorry. Five years is too long to wait for the job you wanted. He has a soft heart, he might pardon yo.

Finally, please accept my apology because for all way happened ah very, very sorry.

Christopher (FRAGO) Wyllie