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Hadley is as much Vincy as any of us!


Editor: The attack by NDP candidate St. Claire Leacock on the Chairman of National Properties Ltd., Victor Hadley, on Saturday night at the NDP meeting in Richland Park really sickened me.

Senator Leacock referred to Mr. Hadley as a remnant of the old planter class and said that the Government was trying to bring back “Massa Day” by having Mr. Hadley as Chairman of National Properties Ltd.{{more}}

Shame on you, Mr. Leacock! Mr. Hadley is as much a Vincentian as you and I. He was born here, went to school here and has worked all his life here, providing employment for dozens of Vincentians over the years. He even played cricket for St. Vincent and the Windwards while a young man.

Mr. Hadley is a Vincentian of distinction and from all reports is doing an excellent job at the helm of National Properties. His contribution to national development and his honesty and upright nature are unquestioned. He does not deserve being dragged through the mud just because he accepted the invitation to serve on a Government Board.

What disturbs me is the attempt by some in the NDP to make colour and race an issue in Vincentian politics. Why are they doing this? Are these acts of desperation? Leacock, it will not work! Find something else to talk about. Your tirade on Saturday night was despicable.

Black Woman