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We don’t need to hear about family relations


Editor: I’m studying abroad, but I try to stay abreast with what’s happening in the country.

Now seems to be a time of much activity with election fever in the air. I listen with amusement to the political rallies. Some are more entertaining than others and of course some are more informative. I try to compare what I know to what is being presented on the platform and mostly I just shake my head because I am aware of the real situation on the ground.{{more}}

The reason I’m writing however is the question of the dynasties in the election campaign. Royal families, I believe, is the term used.

I laughed out loud the first time I heard it; I just couldn’t understand why anyone would bring it up on the platform. It has been done before and it will continue to happen. To hear Glen Jackson speak of it you would think it’s the first time or even the only time in this country that it has happened.

Mr. Jackson, the Honourable Jerrol Thompson is the son of the former representative of North Leeward, Mr. John Thompson. Senator Glenn Beache is the son of the Honourable Sir Vincent Beache. I wonder if sometime during the past few years the family relationship between the PM and Senator Julian Francis broke.

It is ridiculous the things that these speakers find to talk about on the platform. Mrs. Bennett is related to Mrs. Eustace; how is that important to us, really?

I think the Christian Council should pay more attention to what is being said on the platforms. It is time these people start to treat us like intelligent people instead of using this gutter politics that is now being practised.

We’re not interested in the family relationships within the political parties. We just want to hear the plans of your party.

Take an example from Mr. O’Neal and the Green Party.

Daryl Sobers