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St. Claire, it was a major error!


Editor: With regard to the much discussed Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts, it is my opinion that St. Claire made a MAJOR error. Then on WE FM’s Double Trouble Monday morning edition, he tried to justify his actions by attempting to impugn the integrity one of the program’s hosts. By some twisted logic, he implied that it was unethical for the Double Trouble host to discuss the t-shirt issue on the radio after being on a political platform the previous night. Get a clue, man!! {{more}} A suckling babe poops in his diapers all the time (the semi-solid, stinky kind). One might say that that is perfectly normal. Do you, honourable sir, think you could get away with messing in your pants just because a baby does? In case you are having difficulty keeping up with me: THE GUY ON THE RADIO IS NOT RUNNING FOR POLITICAL OFFICE, YOU ARE!

Someone called in and suggested that as long as the t-shirts were bought and paid for, Mr. Leacock can do what he wants with them. With abundant vehemence I do declare NOT SO! The ethics of Leacock’s actions in the procurement of the t-shirts will certainly be questioned because of what he is (President of the SVG Football Federation), and the office to which he aspires. Then there was some MAJOR boasting about monies loaned to the SVG Football Federation. I dare say that no individual should be allowed to hold the Federation to ransom because of gestures freely made. If the reputation of the SVGFF is not such that it can ‘walk’ into any commercial bank and secure loans (if they are not allowed to do that, then make it possible) equivalent to the amounts Leacock was bragging about, then the SVG Football Federation should dismantle and phase itself out of existence.

It matters not one iota whether you paid $10 or $100 for each of those t-shirts, your actions were improper, given your position in the SVGFF. And you have the gall to proclaim that you are going to buy more! Good grief, man, do you have a bottomless pit for an ego? Well when you do, don’t put your picture on them, give them away to some needy school or organization. Now that would be something to brag about! The more you pay for each, the more you can brag! You may just get more political mileage that way.

Rayson Duncan, Bequia, SVG.