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Sir Vincent, you are 30 years too late!


EDITOR: Sir Vincent Beache, Your Apology/Explanation is 30 years late and deceptive.

It is often said, confession is good for the soul. This writer doesn’t necessarily agree with this saying; sometimes a confession is tantamount to a deception; for example, according to the News newspaper of Friday October 14, 2005, under the heading “Sir Vincent Apologizes,” Sir Vincent is quoted as saying, “Even the Commissioner of Police – he did not give the order; … It was a middle-level officer that gave the order for the teargas.”{{more}}

Sir, are you saying that neither Cabinet nor the Commissioner of Police was in control of the Police Force?

Was that officer gifted with that art of clairvoyance so he knew exactly what his political masters wanted him to do? Neither you nor your colleagues issued an apology after the incident.

If the officer acted without authorization, how come he was never punished?

Based on the tension at the time, do you expect me to believe that any responsible, thinking officer would have ordered the teachers to be gassed without the approval of person(s) who were his superiors?

Francis Frank

Ex Teacher, Ex Teargas Victim