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Decentralizing businesses a must


Editor: As we are about to celebrate yet another Independence, and as we reflect on our growth over the past 26 years I am sure that we could all conclude that we have developed in many areas.

Nevertheless as a nation we need to consider decentralizing businesses. {{more}}For far too long almost everything has to be done in Kingstown. I know that there are branches of NCB in various parts of this country and that utility bills can be paid at these branches.

There are also many rural businesses like supermarkets, hardware stores, boutiques and other stores and shops. Yet there still remains the perception of our people of the need to go to Kingstown. As a result many rural businesses suffer.

Many of our people still prefer to go to Kingstown to buy the same item that can be bought right in their community. It is important that we support the development of rural businesses and by doing so enhance the development of our communities.

The time has come for some banks to put branches in different areas of the country that do the same transactions as are done in Kingstown and not just withdrawal and deposit, but changing of cheques. Other firms and companies should set up businesses and make the rural areas more developed. It will ease the congestion of the capital and allow more parking spaces for vehicles.

Let us as a people work towards the development of our minds and move away from this idea that we have to go Kingstown for everything. It is time to decentralize businesses and our communities will then develop. I encourage all Vincentians to make decentralizing of businesses a priority in the coming year.

Kennard King