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Editorial on mark


EDITOR: Your Editorial and the related lengthy article on the psychological ills underlying male underperformance in our nation (and, by extension, the region at large) hit the nail on the head.

Nevertheless I must say that blaming female teachers for objecting to the body odor of males participating in athletics may be somewhat off the mark; wouldn’t a similar situation exist with girls who come back to class after playing netball or participating in some other vigorous activity? {{more}}

But for the most part, the arguments were well founded and clearly stated.

Simply drawing attention to root causes will not, in and of itself, bring about any change in the culture. So now the question becomes: who will do what to counteract or rectify the identified issues, and when? Might this not be an appropriate issue for contending candidates to address in the course of their current campaigns? Or would it be too much to expect that a real sociological problem would be discussed in place of acrimonious personal attacks and pie-in-the-sky promises?