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Dispose of dead animals properly


EDITOR: On Monday, September 26, while on my way to take a bus to work, a nasty scent permeating the atmosphere, almost chased me back home.

Right at the top of my gap – “White City” in Murray’s Village, just next to a CWSA “No Dumping” sign were a few bags of garbage and another with what appeared to be a dead animal rotting inside. (See Photo Opinion at right).{{more}}

Then it struck me! Some people simply do not read the newspapers, or they are downright nasty.

Just last week, Friday, September 23, on Page 15, Searchlight Newspaper published an advertisement under the caption “Solid Waste Management Unit Waste Collection Schedule for St. Vincent”, from the Central Water and Sewerage Authority detailing the AREAS, and DAYS and TIMES for the collection of garbage around St. Vincent.

That ad had columns listing the collection times from Monday to Saturday and stating that collection of waste begins at 6 a.m each collection day.

Now, in the column for SATURDAY it lists Murray’s Village, and if we go by the time set out it tells us our garbage should be out before 6 a.m.

Why should garbage be there on Monday, September 26? Is it that people can’t read, don’t care, or just refuse to adhere to good hygienic practices. Some of us seem to think that the garbage truck should go into our homes to take out our trash for us. Guess what? You’re wrong!

But what takes the cake is the dead animal in the bag. Hasn’t it occurred to the person who placed it there that they could have buried or burned that dead animal? Should our hard-working sanitation workers be forced to dispose of dead animals too? I think not! What about people who live in the immediate area, should they be forced to put up with that stench?

Some people seem to be very selfish and only care about themselves, so they take their mess and put it at other people’s door. That isn’t right.

Remember, “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you!”

Please, keep the beautiful islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines clean!

Jude Knight