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You can’t be serious!


Editor: I have to pinch ace tennis player John Mc.Inroe’s

famous line: “You cannot be serious!” That’s how he used to rant and rage when he disagreed with the referee while playing tennis at Wimbledon.

Well, I’m saying the same thing when I listen to certain things said by politicians and others in SVG. I say they cannot be serious – but perhaps they are…. One young politician said that NDP did nothing during 17 years in government. Is he serious about politics? As a student of SVG politics I know better.{{more}}

When I listen to the advertisement arranging trips to Trinity Falls I find it hard to take in because I did the trek to that place and quite frankly, I won’t recommend it to the locals..much less to tourists. If locals insist on going I won’t stop them. But Trinity Falls are not yet ready for Tourists.

Moreover, it’s very dangerous going there. Two persons lost their lives there a few years ago. Are we recommending Trinity Falls to young men and women or older people from Europe or America? Most tourists are white….remember?

If we are serious about tourism we have think of the safety and welfare of the tourists and not only the money they might bring to the economy.

We have to give them something special to lure them from Barbados and the neighbouring tourist destinations.

Avil Cupid

Editors note: So what does the colour of the tourist’s skin have to do with accessing Trinity Falls. Two persons died tragically there two years ago, but since then thousands of persons have picnicked at the falls without mishap. We can make the point that the area needs trained guides for safety if that’s an issue but… are you serious?