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Good move to boost security services


EDITOR: I want to congratulate the government on their recent efforts to prop up our security services.

The Mobile Police Units, the new Coast Guard Vessel, new vehicles, provision of all the amenities to make the members happy are commendable. {{more}}

Other actions are needed if the Police are to complete their mission of providing security for the nation.

There has also been a new fleet of vehicles at the disposal of the officers. The idea is to fight crime and ensure a safer society.

The Police have a long list of unsolved murders, and it is growing. Some of them are within walking distance of the Police Station in Kingstown, so the cry that the lack of transportation is an excuse could be dismissed.

Policing is a difficult undertaking in any context whatsoever. But there needs to be some upgrading in investigative methods if we are to prove a genuine law enforcement agency.

The time is rife for detectives to be trained and given the tools to help solve crime. We can’t allow the figures to escalate.

Grateful Citizen