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Another Five Years


Editor: The rally at Fountain last Sunday was the biggest political event ever held on that spot. Thousands of West St. George residents were joined by many persons from other constituencies. For sure, it is the largest political rally in West St. George. {{more}}

This huge rally took place the day before schools re-opened for the 2005 school-year, a time when people want to stay at home to prepare for back-to-school. It showed how determined the ULP supporters were to keep their government in office.

After the very heavy rain, the red ants refused to leave the meeting although they were soaked to the skin. They stood, wet to the bone, taking in the message from Comrade Leader. It is no way the NDP can stand up to the unstoppable ULP train. No wonder they trembling!

For me, the most important thing about this massive rally was the presence of known NDPers for West St. George. Some even came in red.

I never expected to see these persons, and when I spoke with them, they said that they could not blind themselves to the performance of the ULP government, and that they were benefiting from ULP’s work. It lifted my heart to see people from Ashburton, the last NDP village which seems to be finally coming around. Two weeks ago, Hon. Mike Browne gave them a beautiful highway into the village, and we heard that they were starting to turn. Well, they showed that at our massive rally last Sunday.

We are rallying solidly with Comrade Mike who is working over-time for us. Today, our numbers are climbing. We will vote for ULP. So, instead of only my one vote, Comrade Mike will get five. This is happening all over the constituency. That is why we are aiming for 3000 in the next election.

When we look at the NDP in West St. George, they are in total confusion. First of all, we chased out Linton Lewis, and that left them in a mess and demoralized.

Now the ongoing war between Kingsley Layne and Frank DaSilva has them in a terrible state. We believe that NDP will get less than 1000 votes in the next election, and, if DaSilva runs independent, NDP will get even less because their votes will be split.

Mr. Editor, West St. George will be a ULP fortress for a long time to come. We are standing firm for the second term.

Claudette “Etty” Dowers