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Thanks to all who supported me

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EDITOR: I am thankful to the past and present Government for the scholarship and support over the 5 years. I always considered myself as more than just a student. I was an ambassador for my God and my country and I assure you that my performance, even under the direst of circumstances met at school, left a strong impression of St. Vincent on my teachers and colleagues’ mind. To those hard working and faithful tax payers within our society, I say thanks. Thanks goes out to the Hotel and Tourism Asso-ciation of this country as well. {{more}}

To all the persons who supported me, church brethren, family, past teachers, principals, public servants and other well wishers, I express my gratitude. You all know who you are and have every right to feel a sense of happiness and pride.

I’ll return to France soon to do a 5-month internship in Paris. After this I will be awarded the second of the 2 master degrees in hotel and tourism management. None of what I achieved was done with ease. I assure you that there were even those among us (yes our own people) who sought to make me fail in my pursuits. But who can fight against God’s will? None! The investment for me to go to France was great and I always bore that in mind.

To the cabinet I say that your investment was not wasted but fully used and yielded nothing but excellence. Once again, Vincentians, thank you very much or as the French would say “Merci beaucoup!”.

Anesia O. Richards.

1998 Island Scholar.