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More questions than answers on new Airport


EDITOR: Top television personality Randy Dopwell with top radio presenter E G Lynch and Historian Dr Adrian Fraser are the right team to present a current- affairs programme on TV/Radio.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the unassuming, down-to-earth,veteran Randy Dopwell is the TV man of the moment. Foreigners, tourists , local taxi drivers and calypsonians are all at ease interacting with Dopwell. {{more}}You are a great salesman for St.Vincent and the Grenadines Randy.

Say what you like about E G Lynch no-one should ignore the other side of a coin when he throws out his challenges in these words: “That’s how it is.”

For example, when I listened to Dr. Gonsalves’ brilliant speech on the international airport at Argyle which will be built in such a short time, I almost took his words as Gospel, until I listened to all the practical questions on Lynch’s programme.

When will the work start? What about the main road and all the expensive houses in the area?

So many questions to be asked. No answers coming so far.

One person who has sky-rocketed in my estimation recently is Dr. Adrian Fraser. His scholarly, objective analyses of topics for discussion is what every Vincentian should tune into. Didn’t someone try to ridicule Dr. Fraser for being so laid-back – he turns up after the polling station is closed!

Dr. Fraser seems to have no axe to grind. He writes and broadcasts as he sees things. We need more sane intellectuals like Dr. Fraser.

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